About Us


We are start-up with big dream. We are committed to our products and services. We believe in providing quality product with equally good quality service.



We are small team of passionate persons who are eager to deliver their best. We work on small things to make it look perfect. Although perfection is unattainable but we always try to achieve it and we are sure one day we will reach near about perfect.



We want to provide latest fashion at affordable price to every woman/girl, so that every woman can achieve their fashion fantasy in world of footwear. We also take comfort as a serious concern and it is visible in all our products.



Today, in this world of internet, faith become a major factor. Website are bloated with spam, malware and viruses etc. We take it as a great concern because we are also buyer for many years to online marketplace and we understand the privacy risk very well. We will do all our best to protect user privacy and providing genuine products to gain your faith. Your faith matters more than money to us.



Yes, we are start-up but our team consists of experienced fellows in different field. Some are engaged in footwear business from years, almost spend their life in it. Some are computer and tech addicts, which tries to add more innovation to work flow. Some are talent in management and marketing fields.



Not big ones yet, but off course in one of the major online store we are selling, we are maintaining 4.9/5 to 5/5 rating throughout. It shows our dedication to better product and service quality.



Customer Satisfaction